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Recent media articles featuring SAP SuccessFactors solutions, executives and thought leadership

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11.22.18 Orica implements SAP SuccessFactors to reinvent HR processes, Human Resources Director Australia

11.16.18 Time for Some Zs, Talent Economy

10.30.18 How Workforce Innovation Makes a Successful Utility, Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine

10.18.18 American Airlines reveals secret to flawless corporate culture, Human Resources Director Asia

10.18.18 Three Critical Questions Asked in HR Tech, TotalPicture Podcast

10.05.18 Thriving on Change, THRM

09.16.18 SAP SuccessConnect 2018 – Photo roundup, IT Business Canada

09.13.18 Modern tools for modern employees, Enterprise Times

07.31.18 SAP lands Fraport AG, Enterprise Times

07.17.18 Q & A: HR Technology Needs a Human Side to Succeed, HCM Technology Report

06.22.18 On HR, GDPR, CRM at SuccessConnect, Enterprise Times

06.21.18 Stronger Connected, SAP and SuccessFactors, Enterprise Times

06.20.18 A Tale of Two Vendors!, Human Resources Executive

06.20.18 SAP launches CRM, Enterprise Times

05.29.18 SAP SuccessFactors powers MyNAFTrack, Enterprise Times

05.25.18 3 Truths About the New World of Work, UNLEASH News

04.11.18 Driving employee diversity with workforce analytics, Employee Benefits News

03.22.18 Creating a Culture of Compliance, HRO Today

03.20.18 SAP SuccessFactors is now ready for GDP, Enterprise Times

02.23.18 Will GDPR Combat Data Breaches?, The HR Director

02.21.18 HR tech tools can help employers comply with GDPR, Employee Benefit News

01.24.18 SAP Launches New Program to Help HR Transition to the Cloud, Database Trends and Applications

01.24.18 New tool helps HR move to SAP’s cloud-based HCM, Employee Benefit News

01.02.18 The more the merrier?, Training Magazine

12.20.17 New SAP Solution Connects People and Organizational Data, Database Trends and Applications

12.20.17 Several New Businesses turn to SAP SuccessFactors Solutions, Database Trends and Applications

12.14.17 L’Occitane Group rolls out SAP HR tech, Retail Technology Innovation Hub

12.08.17 SAP unveils people architecture, Enterprise Times

11.22.17 Al-Futtaim, KMD and Palfinger deploy SuccessFactors, Employee Benefit News

10.16.17 Building a Team of Teams, Human Resource Executive

10.13.17 SAP improves unconscious bias functionality, Enterprise Times

10.11.17 How HR Tech Can Improve Diversity Efforts, Human Resource Executive

09.27.17 SAP Connects SAP SuccessFactors with SAP RealSpend, Database Trends and Applications

09.21.17 Hiring and the H-1B Visa, Workforce

09.12.17 SAP SuccessFactors Tops Workday, Human Resource Executive

09.09.17 It's A Super Portal!, Training Magazine

09.08.17 ZF renews with SAP cloud solutions, Enterprise Times

09.05.17 The coming federal ERP systems battle, Federal Computer Week

09.01.17 Investment in digital pays off, IT Online

09.01.17 SAP hits 150 on platform – is it enough?, Enterprise Times

08.31.17 SAP brings people and money together, Enterprise Times

08.16.17 SAP reveals people success in China, Enterprise Times

08.10.17 Experiences Count with Digital HR, SAPinsider

08.02.17 SAP NS2 Gets FedRAMP Authorization, Washington Executive

06.21.17 Apple Partners with SAP, Unveils Newly Designed Mobile App, Database Trends and Applications

06.13.17 Women in technology: A global challenge, IT Pro Portal

06.12.17 A Digital Learning Makeover, IT Briefcase

06.02.17 SAP SuccessFactors announces two big wins, Enterprise Times

06.01.17 You Snooze, You … Win?, HR Technologist

05.29.17 Mentoring Practices In Today's World, BLoomberg BNA

05.24.17 Arianna Huffington Teams Up with SAP to End Employee Burn Out, Database Trends and Applications

05.19.17 The Week That Was: SAPPHIRE NOW Edition, Recruiting Tools

05.19.17 Traditional learning programs 'no longer fitting the bill', Learning & Development Professional

05.09.17 SAP boosts Africa Code Week – so can you, Enterprise Times

05.03.17 University creates blended learning course to boost training, Learning & Development Professional

04.19.17 Are Bots the New HR?, Talent Economy

04.18.17 Autistic employees: 'We’re a good return on investment', Silicon Valley Business Journal

04.12.17 Why digital literacy is on the rise, Learning & Development Professional

04.05.17 Which HR technology should I buy?, HRM Online

03.31.17 Disruption looms for corporate training, Learning & Development Professional

03.29.17 It’s Time To Level The Playing Field, Huffington Post

03.22.17 Study Reveals Most Check Work E-mail at Home, Chief Learning Officer

03.10.17 How AI Is Transforming the Workplace, Wall Street Journal

03.08.17 Employee Wellness Programme, HR Tech Outlook

03.01.17 Can the ‘flipped classroom’ work in corporate learning?, Learning & Development Professional

03.01.17 Success for cloud HCM around world, Enterprise Times

01.20.17 13 signs you're about to be fired, Business Insider

01.18.17 How to be an effective CLO, HRD Singapore

01.06.17 Mobile HR deployment slowed by security worries, lack of BYOD policies, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

12.22.16 HCM marketplace spurs choice and eases integration of applications, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

12.14.16 The future of the agile workforce, The Guardian

12.12.16 SAP Launches Career Site Builder, The Daily Tribune

12.08.16 Women on Board (see pages 8-9), HRD Singapore

12.05.16 The future is here, HCOnline

11.29.16 UK slow to adopt the digital economy, survey says, Digital By Default News

11.29.16 Has UK fallen behind Digital Europe, Enterprise Times

11.28.16 4 tips for digital leadership success, TechRepublic

11.23.16 Microsoft picks SAP for core HCM tools and global talent management, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

11.18.16 Women of Distinction 2016: Debra Cupp (Video), Philadelphia Business Journal

11.16.16 Are Humans Already Obsolete?, Forbes

11.07.16 Should Employers Have Millennial Mentor Boomers?, Bloomberg BNA Reproduced with permission from Human Resources Report, 34 HRR 1202 (Nov. 7, 2016). Copyright 2016 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033)

11.03.16 If I Knew Then…Mary Poppen, Crain’s Twin Cities

10.31.16 Vendors showcase five new HCM technologies, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

10.26.16 SAP steps up data privacy in Europe, Computer Weekly

10.20.16 Microsoft, SAP Extend Partnership to Azure-Based HR, Redmond Channel Partner

10.18.16 Why CEOs Should Plot Their Own Succession (see page 13), Talent Economy

10.11.16 Is machine learning sexist?, TechCrunch

10.11.16 SAP updates Performance Management, Enterprise Times

10.03.16 Drop Employee Ratings? Consultants Weigh In, Bloomberg BNA Reproduced with permission from Human Resources Report, 34 HRR 1058 (Oct. 3, 2016). Copyright 2016 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033)

09.27.16 How Men & Women See the Workplace Differently, Wall Street Journal

09.26.16 3 Ways to Be a Diversity Role Model, Entrepreneur

09.25.16 Spotting talent and making it fly, Sunday Times

09.15.16 Has SAP eliminated gender bias, Enterprise Times

09.14.16 The future of HR is no HR, HRD Singapore

09.12.16 SAP SuccessFactors' Next Act, Human Resource Executive

09.12.16 Born to the Internet and Smartphones, Youngest Workers Crave Personal Touch, Bloomberg BNA Reproduced with permission from Human Resources Report, 34 HRR 973, 9/12/16. (Copyright 2016). by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033)

09.07.16 How Humans and Machines Work Together, Human Resource Executive

09.05.16 The Cultural Revolution, Chief Learning Officer

08.31.16 Taking the bias out of recruitment, The Guardian

08.30.16 A new SAP SuccessFactors platform?, Enterprise Times

08.30.16 SAP taps own continuous performance appraisal software in global pilot, TechTaget SearchFinancialApplications

08.12.16 26 signs you're about to be fired, Business Insider

08.10.16 Inside out branding, Tranform Magazine

07.27.16 SAP Jam Reaches 34 Million Subscribers, Database Trends and Applications

07.25.16 Are we on the verge of HR 3.0?, HC Online

07.14.16 Everything you need to know about MOOCs, HR Magazine UK

07.07.16 Aiming high with SAP’s HR team, HRD Singapore

07.01.16 Farewell to performance ratings, Strategic HR Review

06.29.16 SAP Insider Vienna - HCP, BI and SuccessFactors, Constellation Research

05.04.16 How to Give Better Employee Performance Reviews, Business News Daily

04.29.16 How will HR evolve by 2020?, HRD Singapore

04.26.16 Leading the Way with Cloud, SAPinsider

04.20.16 Can We Build Better Informal Learners?, Training Magazine

Spring 2016 2016 HR Hot List, HRD Singapore (see page 33)

04.07.16 Why HR lacks clout with data analytics, HRD Singapore

03.29.16 HR Tech - Event Report [VIDEO], Finance Director Europe

03.25.16 Breaking the Wardrobe Barriers, Huffington Post

03.22.16 Assessment: Are You in Danger of Becoming Obsolete?, Harvard Business Review

03.17.16 A roaring success of a CHRO gathering!, Business Today

03.16.16 Executive Interview: Karen Isaacson, IHRIM Workforce Solutions Review

03.15.16 Heinz-sight Is 20/20, Chief Talent Development Officer Magazine

03.14.16 Meetings and Team Management, SAGE Business Researcher

03.11.16 A modern Wonder Woman: Jenny Dearborn, chief learning officer at SAP,San Francisco Chronicle(Non-subscribers can view the article here.)

03.08.16 Contingency Plan, Talent Development

03.03.16 Technology Is a Diversity Game Changer, Talent Management

03.01.16 Why I Feel Sorry for IBM, Human Resource Executive

02.28.16 Greed Is Good for Your Career, Fortune

02.28.16 Looking for Diamonds in the Rough, The New York Times

02.26.16 The Future of HR Is No HR, Human Resource Executive

02.23.16 Bright future for SAP-embracing firm, CAJ News Nigeria

02.22.16 HR technology heads to cloud in Finland,

02.19.16 New performance appraisal tools hinge on continuous feedback, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

02.04.16 HR metrics and analytics fuels employee management, retention, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

02.04.16 Future-Proof Yourself, 33voices

02.02.16 Change Your Mind, HRO Today

01.22.16 Employee Central Momentum, Enterprise Irregulars

01.21.16 HCM Shifts to an Employee-First Stance, TMCNet Customer Zone 360

01.01.16 SAP’s Learning Superhero, Chief Learning Officer

12.31.15 SAP in 2016: Predictions Ahoy!, ASUG News

12.28.15 When Learning Functions Merge, Chief Learning Officer

12.24.15 Employee performance management software to loom in 2016, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

12.18.15 Learning tops 2015 news in human capital management software, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

12.14.15 Six new technology products featured at 2015 HR Tech, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

11.25.15 Tapping into the Power of Learning Circles, Training Magazine

11.25.15 The Digitised Mine of the Future, Africa Outlook Magazine

11.24.15 Changing behaviors at scale, Strategic HR Review

11.24.15 4 Tips to Raise your Leadership Bar, Human Resource Executive

11.18.15 Deliver Effective Feedback To Employees To Boost Them, Investor's Business Daily

11.13.15 Users cite goals, benefits of global HR management software, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

11.12.15 Blended workforce presents systems challenges, Employee Benefit News

11.11.15 Two for the Price of One, Chief Learning Officer

11.08.15 How to Spot the Obsolete, Talent Development

11.04.15 Performance Management Needs to Be Disrupted, Human Resource Executive

11.02.15 Using Data to Ditch the Blame Game, The Huffington Post

10.29.15 SAP achieves grand HCM, Enterprise Times

10.28.15 Mining for Big Value in Big Data, Datamation

10.13.15 The Future of HR Is No HR, SAPInsider

10.08.15 Stretch Yourself to Remain Relevant, TD Magazine

10.07.15 People are your supply chain, InsideSAP

10.02.15 Back Stretch of the HCM Horse Race, Human Resource Executie

10.02.15 Soft Power, Human Resource Executive

09.16.15 Ettling’s Insights, HRO Today

09.10.15 Is HR really using data effectively?, Human Resources

08.31.15 SAP at the Helm of HR, IT in Canada Online

08.24.15 On #SAPJam surpassing the 20M subscriber mark, Enterprise Irregulars

08.18.15 Looking forward to TechHR 2015 this week #TechHR15, Enterprise Irregulars

08.13.15 Five O'Clock Everywhere, Eudemonia

08.12.15 Enterprise Companies Making the Move to SAP, IT in Canada Online

07.23.15 Where in the World: Millennials, Untethered, The Huffington Post

07.17.15 Top 6 workforce issues that bug firms, Enterprise Innovation

07.02.15 Are companies ready for the future?, The Standard

07.01.15 SAP penetrates 95% of top economies, The Daily Tribune

06.23.15 4 Steps to Making Mindfulness Work in Business, The Huffington Post

06.17.15 Invest in Your Professional Development This Summer, U.S. News & World Report

06.03.15 Why Your Company Needs a Learning Culture, Chief Learning Officer

05.29.15 HR tools overview: SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite, TechTarget SearchFinancialApplications

05.29.15 SAP Unveils SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition, Database Trends and Applications

05.23.15 How to drive growth with talent, Enterprise Innovation

Summer 2015 Diversity of Thought (see page 21), Diversity Woman Magazine

05.21.15 SAP Develops Workforce of the Future, Triple Pundit

05.07.15 Mending the STEM Gap, Talent Management

05.07.15 The Morning Download, The Wall Street Journal

05.06.15 HR Disrupted,

05.06.15 SAP Takes More to the Cloud, The New York Times

05.04.15 Survey Shows HR More Likely to Have A Seat at the Executive Table in the U.S., Bloomberg BNAReproduced with permission from Human Resources Report, 33 HRR 468 (May 4, 2015). Copyright 2015 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033)

05.01.15 The Data-Driven CLO (see page 16), Chief Learning Officer Magazine

04.24.15 Develop Workforce, Make More Money, Mobile Enterprise

04.01.15 Don't Fear the Impostor Syndrome - Fight It, The Huffington Post

03.25.15 SAP Attracts Number of International Contracts, IT Times (Originally in German)

03/04.15 How to keep high performers happy, Sales & Marketing Magazine (see page 10)

03.24.15 Want a Career Boost? Become a Mentor, BusinessNewsDaily

03.13.15 Give Gen Y a Chance, Chief Learning Officer

03.09.15 Taking Analytics Up a Notch, Human Resource Executive

03.02.15 A Story of Firsts, Human Resource Executive

02.27.15 Talent Management Orientation Guide, Workforce Magazine

02.27.15 Millennials Want to Be Coached at Work, Harvard Business Review

02.19.15 Four Keys to High-Performance Succession Management, Human Resource Executive

02.15.15 Special Report: Learning Delivery, Chief Learning Officer

02.13.15 How Best To Let Change Enter Into Your Organization, Investor's Business Daily

02.06.15 Cirque du Soleil and SAP Join Hands to “Run Simple”, Technology Evaluation Centers

01.27.15 SAP On Cloud HR: Q&A With Mike Ettling, InformationWeek

01.20.15 Give Your Brain a Break, Huffington Post

01.14.15 High-Po’s Say: We Won’t Go, Workforce Magazine

01.09.15 Learning at the Speed of Business: SAP Leads in the Cloud, Talent Development Magazine

01.08.15 All On Board: How Companies Use First-Year Development, Talent Management Magazine

01.06.15 5 Ways to Stress Less at Work, U.S. News & World Report

01.02.15 SAP’s Sold on Self-Awareness, Chief Learning Officer

01.01.15 Employee Performance Reviews: Tips for Bosses, Business News Daily

12.03.14 The Pressure of Being 'Everyone's Ideal', Human Resource Executive Online

11.24.14 Keep Mentally Fit with Mind Exercises, Chief Learning Officer

11.18.14 What High Performers Want at Work, Harvard Business Review

11.01.14 What's Blocking Workforce Change?, HR Magazine

11.01.14 Using Gamification in a Recruitment Strategy, Recruiter Magazine

11.01.14 SAP's Unlikely Talent Source, Talent Management Magazine

10.23.14 HR technology is a running shoe, HR Grapevine

10.22.14 The Future of HR is "No HR", HR Grapevine

10.12.14 Follow the leaders, Mining Journal

10.09.14 Challenges and Developments from SuccessConnect, Technology Evaluation Centers

10.08.14 Cirque du Soleil Manages HR in the Cloud, Mobile Enterprise

10.01.14 The New Power of Collaboration, HR Magazine

09.11.14 Employees: Pay Matters Most, Human Resource Executive

09.10.14 Top 6 Issues for the 2020 Workforce, Mobile Enterprise

09.05.14 Being a Hero for Women at Work, Talent Management Magazine

08.27.14 A Switch to the Cloud Taking Shape, Talent Management Magazine

08.25.14 Surviving a corporate restructuring, New Jersey Star Ledger

08.01.14 Hey, You, Get Onto My Cloud..., Workforce Magazine

07.29.14 Planning For A Better Career, Talent Culture

07.21.14 Culture Clash, SHRM

05.01.14 A World of Talent, Global Recruiter

03.27.14 Incorporating Social, CLO

02.21.14 Engage a Mentor with a Short-Term Project, Harvard Business Review

02.07.14 Is SAP Jam Where Enterprise Social Is Headed?, Enterprise Apps Today

01.23.14 How SAP Used Facebook to Find 3 Hires in 48 Hours, The New Talent Times

01.20.14 The Many Uses of MOOCs, Human Resource Executive Online

01.16.14 SuccessFactors Integrates More with SAP for Human Capital Management, Ventana Research Perspectives Blog

01.15.14 How to make the most of your post-college job search, Minnesota Public Radio News

01.01.14 Beneath the Hood of Twin Trends, Talent Management Magazine

01.01.14 Goal Alignment: A Simple Guide for Goal Cascading Meetings, (Steve Hunt's article, begins on page 32)

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