Doing Business with SuccessFactors:

Purchases > $1,000 USD:

Prior to goods or services being rendered, SuccessFactors requires an approved purchase order be issued and, if applicable, a signed agreement by an authorized SuccessFactors’ signatory. To ensure prompt payment for goods or services provided, suppliers must reference a valid purchase order number on their invoice(s).

Purchase < $1,000 USD:

Invoices may be submitted directly to SuccessFactors’ Accounts Payable department and should reference the SuccessFactors employee name and location for which the goods or services were provided.

Any questions regarding this policy or supplier’s authorization to work with SuccessFactors may be directed via email to:

All invoices for authorized work should be emailed to SuccessFactors Accounts Payable department:

Do not send resumes, general inquiries or non-related information to either of the email addresses noted. SuccessFactors does not guarantee a response to any unsolicited or non-relevant email received.