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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center


The world of HR service delivery is changing at a rapid pace. Employees expect HR experiences to be in line with what they are used to in their personal lives. Information must be personalized and easily accessible – where and when people need it. The days of clicking through complex portals trying to find a Web link are gone. When employees have questions, they need to be able to contact their HR service team right away. This could be by opening a ticket, using the HR hotline, or sending an e-mail. Whatever an employee’s preferred communication channel – the response must be immediate.

Key features

Developed specifically for HR organizations

SuccessFactors HCM Suite now offers a comprehensive solution to HR service delivery with the Employee Central Service Center. It was developed specifically for HR organizations to protect the confidentiality of sensitive employee data. Employee Central Service Center is an efficient solution that is both effective and engaging.


Designed for use by both employees and HR service delivery

This seamless, efficient solution is designed for use by both employees and HR service delivery, which is not typical of what is offered by other cloud HCM solutions. Centralized knowledge content allows HR to provide consistent, accurate HR information to employees. Operational management dashboards take advantage of the single source of information about all HR service-related issues to provide actionable insights into employee interactions. Requests are automatically routed to the appropriate individual or group via configurable rules that efficiently manage case assignments.


Integrates with Employee Central

For employees, the Ask HR link presents them with contextually relevant information that is smart, timely, and relevant based on where they are in SuccessFactors. If they still need additional assistance, employees can easily open a request for help or view the status of their existing requests. For the employee service representative, they have access to the pertinent employee information, right from their agent workspace, without having to access multiple systems.


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