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User experience


Elevate and connect your people experience

SAP SuccessFactors solutions enable you to deliver an exceptional experience to all your people, no matter who they are and where they work. We design our tools to be:

  • People centric: built around how people best engage with technology across mobile and Web
  • Flexible: intelligent and adaptable to each of your people
  • Holistic and connected: continuous, connected, and tied to key business outcomes

We leverage user research, partnership with consumer brands, and powerful SAP technologies infused across the SAP SuccessFactors suite to help ensure that your peoples’ experiences are at the heart of your Intelligent Enterprise transformation.

Key features

Web and mobile platform experiences

SAP SuccessFactors solutions are delivered holistically across multiple channels through native, consumer-grade mobile apps and intuitive, intelligent Web capabilities that enable ongoing engagement, performance, and productivity for your entire workforce.


SAP Fiori design

SAP Fiori is the official design language of SAP SuccessFactors solutions, providing a personalized, responsive, and simple user interface for SAP SuccessFactors solutions on any device.

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