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Succession and Development

$2.33 per user/month

SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development

Identify, develop, and retain the talent you need to ensure your future success. Our cloud-based software can help you engage employees with meaningful development plans and career opportunities, close talent gaps with smart succession planning, and build up intellectual capital.
Key Features
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    Strategic Succession Planning

    Get the visibility and planning tools you need to spot and anticipate skills gaps. Search and nominate candidates to fill critical roles. And create and manage talent pools to support your future needs.

    • Uncover hidden talent through internal searches
    • Match talent requirements to personnel
    • Create and assess leadership development plans
    • Report on outcomes with analytics integration



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    Intelligent Career and Development Planning

    Help employees take control over their own professional development and advancement opportunities – with intelligent career pathing and role suggestions. Create mentoring programs and automatically match mentors to mentees. And link development goals to learning activities (when used with SAP SuccessFactors Learning).

    • Provide ongoing feedback and coaching
    • Help your workforce prepare for future roles
    • Address readiness gaps with development planning
    • Monitor and measure progress
  • 03
    Talent Insights and Calibration Tools

    Understand the strengths and potential of your workforce. With dynamic drag-and-drop calibration tools, talent profiles, and visual org charts, you can objectively assess employee competencies – and zero in on top performers. 

    • Track skill levels and competencies
    • Rate performance with a configurable nine-box grid
    • Remove bias from your assessment processes

Product Functionality and Purchasing Options

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USD $2.33 per user/month

SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development can help you ensure a strong talent pipeline is always in place by continuously identifying, nominating, developing, and promoting current and future business leaders.

•  Subscription billed annually, based on the number of employee users

•  Includes capabilities to manage employee profiles and view reporting relationships

• Implementation services are required. Explore your options.

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