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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding

More than 80 percent of new employees decide whether or not to stay with a company within the first six months of being hired. Our cloud-based employee onboarding software can help you engage and retain more of your best talent with a personalized, interactive process that sets up them up for success from the start.

Key Features

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    Engaging Onboarding Portal

    Create a welcoming environment for new employees and internal transfers with an onboarding portal that connects them to the right information and people at the right time. Help them build formal and informal networks to establish the relationships they’ll need to be successful. And interact with new hires even before they start through an optional pre-boarding homepage.

    • Deliver a personalized portal for each new hire
    • Engage employees throughout the onboarding process
    • Provide checklists, goal plans, and other content 
    • Quickly match up mentors, experts, and employees


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    Paperless New-Hire Paperwork

    Fast-track new-hire paperwork with step-by-step wizards, intuitive dashboards, and built-in electronic forms that can be filled out on any device. Access standard forms for North America, Australia, India, and the UK – as well as forms that can be configured for any country. You can also support secure and compliant e-signatures by connecting to SAP Signature Management by DocuSign. 

    • Simplify onboarding with electronic forms 
    • Create and configure forms for any country
    • Ensure data privacy and HR compliance 
    • Complete paperwork on any device
    • Offer e-signature capabilities
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    Onboarding/Offboarding and Crossboarding

    Provide seamless transitions for new hires, internal transfers, and those temporarily or permanently leaving the company. With visibility into the entire employee lifecycle, you can monitor progress, spot bottlenecks, and ensure compliance. Help staff succeed in new job positions by defining short-term goals (30, 60, and 90 days) – and offering personalized training via SAP Learning.

    • Track and support each employee’s transition status
    • Retain post-hires with streamlined crossboarding 
    • Complete tasks on time with automated alerts
    • Comply with tax laws in transfer locations 
    • Help employees exit simply and be an ambassador for their previous company

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